by Letter And Lines

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We're all on a journey. We're all on a path. We're all in pursuit of something.

Does yours have a vision?


The debut album.
January 2011.


released January 25, 2011

℗ & © 2010 Letter and Lines. All songs written by Chris Bartels, except "Patience," written by Jordan Nimlos. Produced by Chris Bartels and Letter and Lines. Engineered and mixed by Chris Bartels. Mastered by Rob Schlette at Anthem Mastering. Original artwork by Ben Woodis, edited by Jordan Nimlos. Design by Chris Bartels, Jordan Nimlos, and Ben Woodis.

We would like to thank our family and friends, the Wirth family, Jamie Kauppi, Christy Freeman, Tony Dahlager, Alayna Olsen, Rob Schlette, Ben Sollie, Rebekah Antoine, Andy Sopher, Kenny Snell, Michael Gauthier, Elements and our North Heights family, and anyone who has encouraged or supported us in any way. Ultimately we would like to thank our Savior and our King, Jesus Christ, in whom we find life.

Chris Bartels. guitar, vocals, keys.
Jordan Nimlos. guitar, vocals.
Jeff Sparks. drums.
Charlie Wirth. bass.
Ben Woodis. keys.

Additional violin by Christy Freeman on 1, 3, and 5.
Additional percussion by Tony Dahlager and Alayna Olsen on track 3.

Recorded spring of 2010.



all rights reserved


Letter And Lines St Paul, Minnesota

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Track Name: Acknowledgement
I’ve thrown my dreams away, in hopes of finding something new
Painted memories and colorful ambition are nothing if I don’t bleed white

Beautiful greens and precious melodies
I can see white for miles

May my heart beat to yours
May my heart be yours
Track Name: Crippled
Rescue me from this ever-deepening hole
Rescue me with heart and soul
‘Cause the mountains fall into the heart of the sea
And it feels the earth is spinning around me

I’m crippled and my destiny
Is death and yet suddenly [I sweat black no more]

The black of night is tentatively strong
It creeps inside, seeming forever long
The mystery of God, time, and space
Is ours and yet I'm so afraid to taste it

Sometimes we're so blind to the colors in our midst
So often we have failed to see just what has mixed

My will takes the steps to resign
For I have strayed from my design
Track Name: Avenues To Fields
I've seen the avenues of hatred
I've walked the path of fear
I've scaled the earth to find a love that's true
I've found there's nothing real outside of you

Though all may seem but lost
There's still a sight to hold, to run for
As lovers run amidst rich fields of gold
So I will trust, so I believe

And I will run to the fields of gold
And I will run to the fields of gold
Track Name: Patience
And we know there's a season for the rains to fall
They may flow and sweep us away someplace we'd never go
Though we don't know the reason why to grow some things must die
So this ghost of a man inside may finally come alive

As when winter yields, we feel the warmth to come
Then in sleeping fields, we dream of summer sun

We must wait till we're old to see how we were young
I can't see what's been foretold, but I know it will be done

But I see in the distance a land grows green
Where once appeared sulfur, there lays gold beneath
I see in the distance a land grows green
Where leaves never fall to the ground
Track Name: Colors Unseen
The oceans' blues are here
Waving their colors proud
The mountains’ snowcaps are white again
Leaving all panic behind

It’s moments like this we see
That time is beyond reach
It’s moments like this we feel
That heaven is ours to breach

The moonlit sea is calm
Resting assured in peace
The morning fog has burned away
Unveiling my release

Melodic melodies and harmonic symphonies
Have finally found their stage
So let them play; so let them play